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If you are worried about how to dispose of various items around the house inherited through different sources, well don't be - leave it to experts. Selling at auction is an efficient and effective method of disposing of single items or a full house clearance.

Countrywide Property Auctions - Venues

  • Search property auctions database
  • Wide range of comparables
  • Reduce negligence claims risk
  • Selling watches at auction
  • Gives immediate auction value
  • Speed of finding comparables from the auction sector

As well as the traditional auction rooms, a few auction websites have been set up allowing you to bid on or sell items from the comfort of your own home. For most antiques, especially furniture the downside of this is that you can't physically inspect the goods, and at best may only see a photo of the item. However, a lot of quality pieces are available at excellent prices, with commission rates often nil.

Buying property at auction

Buying property at auction is not right for everyone. Make sure auctions are the best fit for you before you start down this road. Understand your reasons to buy at auction and make sure you know what you are taking on. Click here to find out more: Guide to buying property at auction selling property at auction - useful tips

Government Auction News

The great benefit for both buyer and seller is that the market place becomes effectively, global. This of course, means pieces become available that you may never see in your local auction room, and if you are selling of course your potential buyer could be on the otherside of the world - your market place is not restricted to those in the auction room or telephone bidders.